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5 things you probably didn’t know about a clear span military tent
 United States Military | American Pavilion

The United States Military can be found all over the world. They work hard to protect our country and to stand up for what is right. And, they also work to promote peace. They are found where natural disastershave been felt, where peace has been sought, and where injustice has caused an outcry. They are also found when the safety and security of the United States have been breached.

Comprised of many incredibly brave men and women who have chosen to give up their lives for the rest of us, those of the U.S. Military deserve to have some comfort and security of their own as they travel around the world. Clear span military tents help to do just that – and so much more.

In fact, here are five things that you probably didn’t know about a clear span military tent.

1. A clear span tent goes where the troops go – easily.

Of course, the military needs shelter wherever they go. After all, it is a basic need. But needing shelter and finding it are two different things. This is especially true when it comes to finding a permanent structure to use for shelter. Many times, the troops are stationed in remote areas, outside of cities or away from any means of permanent, usable shelter. Therefore, many opt to use clear span tents wherever they go.

The clear span military tent is easy to break down, secure, and transport. They are also easy to erect. Because the troops never know how long they are going to be one particular place, they need to have a shelter that they can construct and dismantle rather quickly upon arrival or departure.

Clear Span Military Tent | American Pavilion

2. Clear span tents provide wide open spaces.

Just as the name suggests, this type of military tent provides a wide open (clear) space throughout the entire span of the tent. There are no poles or barriers to get in the way. This comes in handy often for our military due to the number of large objects that these tents are used to store. For example, ground transportationand aircraft.

Many items travel with our troops, as they have a big job to complete and we want to make sure they have everything that they need when they get there. But once they reach their destination, the troops need a place to store this equipment. A clear span military tent provides this space for them – without anything getting in the way. Just clean, open space all for their storage needs.

3. Clear span tents give our troops some normalcy amidst chaos.

Believe it or not, a clear span military tent can act as a home away from home for our troops. It will not be as cozy as home and it won’t be filled with family, kids, and spouses, but it does add a bit of normalcy for them. Many dormitories and bunks are secured within the confines of these tents upon arrival.

Troops work to make their living space as comfortable as possible – which varies greatly from destination to destination. However, having a tiny space to call their own helps provide a little bit of comfort. A bunk and a storage chest or locker are a space to house personal belongings and little bits of home.

Last, but not least, these tents provide shelter from the outside world. So, our troops can stay dry and warm in their beds amidst all the chaos that may be going on around them. The normalcy so much of us take for granted can be re-formulated within a clear span military tent.

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4. Clear span tents are used for many different purposes.

Sticking with the home away from home theme, clear span tents are used for so many different purposes. What areas of buildings do you access often? If you think about it, you will likely say your bedroom, a living room or other communal area, kitchen, dining room, work, doctor, grocery store, among others. Just because these men and women are stationed in random locations doesn’t mean they don’t require the same things!

These tents, therefore, are used to house dormitories (as discussed above), bathrooms, kitchen area, dining or mess hall, a recreational / shared area, a commissary, a medic area, offices, storage, and so forth. Without the use of these tents, there would be a great number of missing needs.

5. A clear span military tent is customizable to work in any climate.

Clear span tents work in any climate which makes them perfect for use all over the world. Their sturdy design allows them to withstand many types of weather. They can withstand snowfall on their roof and can withstand heavy winds. The fabric structure is meant to keep rainwater outside of the tent, too – keeping our troops and their equipment dry and safe from outdoor elements. In addition, the fabric is flame retardant which is helpful in terms of safety!

Perhaps one of the best perks of a clear span military tent is their ability to be climate controlled. Thanks to the HVAC (heat, ventilation, air conditioning) system that can be included in the tent, troops and anything that comes with them can be kept comfortable. Sometimes the places troops get called to are less than ideal – either freezing or scorching. Military tents remove this worry from them and allow them to focus on more pressing matters.

Why customization matters

These types of military tent are also customizable when it comes to their size and color. It’s not everyday that the U.S. Military wants enemies to know where their base camp is set up. Having a tent in a color that stands out to those in the air could have disastrous results. Thankfully, however, clear span tents can come in just about any color – allowing the camp to blend in and virtually go unnoticed (especially from the air!)

If you have ever seen a clear span military tent, you have probably never really realized what a lifesaver these are for our troops. They add comfort and a bit of normal life to a less than ideal location. Next time you find yourself thinking about all that the U.S. Military does for you and your family, remember how our troops may be sleeping underneath the fabric of these tents tonight.