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Why choose WINSUN?
This year, our esteemed European clients have placed orders for 10 containers of high-quality inflatable products, including inflatable tents, and more. We are proud to say that 8 of these containers have already been completed with the utmost precision. We are committed to delivering the remaining 2 containers before the onset of Chinese New Year, ensuring timely delivery and complete satisfaction for our esteemed clients Our unwavering commitment to excellence in product quality, state-of-the-art technology, innovative production techniques, and unparalleled pre- and post-sales services hav
Winsun’s Extraordinary Inflatable Tents
Winsun’s Extraordinary Inflatable Tents Ideal for sampling tours, festivals, concerts, trade shows, sporting events, medical, commercial, advertising and military application, our custom inflatable tents or inflatable pavilions can be tailored to your exact specifications and marketing needs. By combining various fabrics and shapes, our inflatable tents provide unlimited usage possibilities
WINSUN promotes inflatable tent products on various international exhibition platforms.
As China’s leading supplier of inflatable equipment and products, we are very much expecting to establish a long term and good business relationship with your esteemed company in the near future.We are going to exhibit our newly designed and launched inflatable items and various of inflatable tents we made, including event tents, camping tents, booth tents, advertising tents, outdoor tents, custom tents, emergency tents, tent cover etc.
How much do you know about the characteristics of inflatable tents?
When using inflatable tents, you need to know these characteristics of inflatable tents! Compared with ordinary metal bracket tents, inflatable tents have incomparable advantages.
Holding a Party with Inflatable Disco Tent
Holding a Party with Inflatable Disco Tent
Why go out when you can bring the club to you! This Inflatable disco tent is great for all occasions. Suitable for adults and also kids parties. This is sure to get everyone dancing and talking about your event. Hosting a Stay at home party or celebrating birthday. Just choose this inflatable disco tent to ensure the party is memorable. This tent could use in home or outdoor. It has disco lights and you can connect music to via Bluetooth with a speaker. The tent has enough space. Calling your friends to have hours of entertainment.It is fully enclosed but large enough to keep both adults a
More and more people go out and have a camping trip with their family or friends. Our winsun inflatable camping tent is a best choice to be partner with your camping.
Why people choose the inflatable wedding Tent?
Nowadays, more and more people choose the inflatable tent for their wedding tent. Why people choose these inflatable tent? There are many kind of tents’ style for their choice. Also you could customized the color and size according the number of people. The inflatable wedding tent is easy to set up. It only need few minutes to inflate tent with the air blower which save a lot of time. Also after the wedding, It is also very convenient to deflate. With the inflatable wedding tent, you could have a beautiful grass wedding out of doors. Of course the tent also could be use as party, exhibiti
Martin Place is known as the "city heart" of Sydney, but because the rent is too expensive and homeless, the poor set up tents to occupy the financial center of Sydney. Therefore, the locals now give Martin Place a new name-Tent City.
Visitors experience the earthquake: set up an inflatable tent on the roadside late at night
Tourists witnessed the Dali Yangbi earthquake: no one was injured around, many tourists started to set up inflatable tents on the roadside According to the China Earthquake Network: At 21:48:34 on May 21, 2021, Beijing time, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake occurred in Cangshanxi Town, Yangbi County, Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province, with a focal depth of 8 kilometers. After that, several aftershocks occurred.
What do you need to look at when buying a inflatable military tent
Because inflatable military tents often appear in rescue and disaster relief and field combat, it is more necessary to investigate in many aspects when selecting inflatable military tents: Only in this way can we choose high-quality and cost-effective inflatable military tents.
The role of medical inflatable tents in the fight against the epidemic.
With the raging of the CONVID-19 and the shortage of hospital beds, inflatable tents that can be built quickly with fully functional and easy to pack have played an important role in fighting the epidemic at this time!
Inflatable tents play a major role in disaster relief work
Inflatable relief tents are regarded as important goods for relocating victims in the later stage and can be used as temporary homes for the victims. The design of disaster relief inflatable tents needs to consider the psychological state and daily needs of the victims. The following introduces the important role of disaster relief inflatable tents in disaster relief work.
The Material of Airtight Inflatable Tent--PVC Tarpualin
For the material of our airtight inflatable tent, it is PVC Tarpualin. It has three layers include top coat, strong net and bottom coat. Here are some characteristics of this this kind of fabric.
Happy New Year
Dear Friends, It's unbelievable, another year has passed so quickly. Due to the CONVID-19, it's a special and hard year for all of us. On behalf of our company,we’d like to wish lots of solid health to you and your close ones. May 2021 will be full of happy moments, new opportunities, interesting meetings, marvelous people, and peace in the whole world.
How to set up an inflatable tent? The erection of inflatable tents is very convenient and fast. A 5*5 size tent only needs 1-2 operations, and the erection can be completed in 3-5 minutes.
The application of inflatable medical tent under the COVID-19 epidemic
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Because of the surge in the number of infections, the medical resources are overwhelmed. Such as so many infected people do not have hospital beds. Many countries set up the inflatable medical tents as for the temporary hospital shelter to relieve pressure on hospitals.
Nowadays, inflatable tents have been widely used in military, medical, and all kinds of activity projects. Especially in this year's epidemic, inflatable tents have also played a great role. So what are the advantages of inflatable tents?
airtight disinfection channel
Can be used in the closed air disinfection channel at the entrance of the community or mall
The airtight disinfection channel can be used at the entrance of shopping malls or communities. Passersby can check the body temperature through the infrared temperature detector. Then step into the disinfection room for body spraying.
Inflatable medical tents are used to quickly establish isolation hospitals in response to new coronavirus
For new corona viruses, the prevention and control method in China is to establish quarantine hospitals to receive confirmed patients, reduce the ability to spread, reduce the number of people going out, and wear masks for everyone, so that they can be well controlled. With the spread of the new coronavirus, more and more countries need to build isolated hospitals to accommodate patients. The rapid prototyping of inflatable medical tents is just enough.
Tent-like Japanese house is designed to welcome neighbors,Relief tent,military tent,military operation,rescue tent,medical tent
Tent-like Japanese house is designed to welcome neighbors
The Hara House stretches along a street in Nagaoka, Japan, in the shape of a tent. Its steep, white, sloping roof rises into two pristine points and then travels all the way to the ground, turning the house into an exaggerated A-frame. Takeru Shoji Architects designed the house for a family who wanted a supplemental dwelling to its main family house that feels modern, yet engages with its village surroundings. The tent shape allowed the architects to create ample outdoor space under one peak, where a large deck opens to the street and beckons neighbors to stop by.
More city-sanctioned tent cities could be coming to Tacoma in wake of parks tent ban
Standing along Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd on a bright, brisk morning, Tacoma City Council member Keith Blocker — whose district includes Hilltop — cut to the chase. Blocks away, at People’s Park, rows of tents filled the planting strips. The situation — which recently moved from the park itself to the edge of the park — has had Blocker’s attention for most of the summer, he said, generating more than a few angry emails from constituents. “I keep getting calls about the parks. Violence, drugs, people are afraid to take their kids there,” Blocker explained. “I could show you email after e
Host of Bay County tent city fears shut down
As the one year anniversary of Hurricane Michael nears, a Bay County woman who has hosted a tent city since the days following the storm is worried for its future. Shelly Summers still has a dozen or so people living on her property. She says it’s a temporary option for people trying to get back on their feet following the storm. Summers says she’s helped dozens of folks in the last year, but is now having to turn people away, and is worried she might have to ask them to leave her property entirely. When she looks out at her backyard, she sees, as she puts it, "Family. I see safety, normal
Migrants say they face danger before court in Texas tents
Migrants say they face danger before court in Texas tents
Abel Oset was seized with panic. After an 11-country odyssey that began when he and his namesake son fled Cuba, and included a moment on U.S. soil, he was crossing back into America. But he wasn’t sure he’d be able to stay. The two were going to plead their case in a court set up inside a tent in Laredo, Texas, beamed via video conference to a judge in another city — the latest attempt to clear a massive backlog of asylum cases. They were among more than 100 migrants on Tuesday’s docket — though only 38 had arrived. So much depended on this hearing; Oset dreaded the very real possibility th
Tent courthouses for migrants to open along Texas border, as questions abound
Tent courthouses for migrants to open along Texas border, as questions abound
LAREDO, Texas — Workers climbed atop a massive new U.S. immigration tent court on the banks of the Rio Grande at dawn Monday, adding the last few nails to the white roof, as generators hummed. A line of people snaked across the nearby border bridge, streaming into the U.S. from Mexico to travel, work and go to school, passing by the fenced walkway to the new 36,000 square-foot tent court complex.
This Floating Tent Allows You To Camp on Water!
This Floating Tent Allows You To Camp on Water!
You remember that scene from The Parent Trap where Meredith is floating down the river on an air mattress? I’m not going to lie, it looked pretty peaceful. Now it wasn’t meant to be a peaceful experience, but I knew the girls were on to something. 20 years later and we finally have a camping tent that floats! Campers, if you’re looking for a new sleeping experience, this is it. This inflatable tent is made from high-quality material, so I’d like to think you wouldn’t wake to your tent deflating.
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