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Happy New Year
Dear Friends, It's unbelievable, another year has passed so quickly. Due to the CONVID-19, it's a special and hard year for all of us. On behalf of our company,we’d like to wish lots of solid health to you and your close ones. May 2021 will be full of happy moments, new opportunities, interesting meetings, marvelous people, and peace in the whole world.
More and more people go out and have a camping trip with their family or friends. Our winsun inflatable camping tent is a best choice to be partner with your camping.
How to set up an inflatable tent? The erection of inflatable tents is very convenient and fast. A 5*5 size tent only needs 1-2 operations, and the erection can be completed in 3-5 minutes.
The application of inflatable medical tent under the COVID-19 epidemic
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Because of the surge in the number of infections, the medical resources are overwhelmed. Such as so many infected people do not have hospital beds. Many countries set up the inflatable medical tents as for the temporary hospital shelter to relieve pressure on hospitals.
Nowadays, inflatable tents have been widely used in military, medical, and all kinds of activity projects. Especially in this year's epidemic, inflatable tents have also played a great role. So what are the advantages of inflatable tents?
airtight disinfection channel
Can be used in the closed air disinfection channel at the entrance of the community or mall
The airtight disinfection channel can be used at the entrance of shopping malls or communities. Passersby can check the body temperature through the infrared temperature detector. Then step into the disinfection room for body spraying.
Inflatable medical tents are used to quickly establish isolation hospitals in response to new coronavirus
For new corona viruses, the prevention and control method in China is to establish quarantine hospitals to receive confirmed patients, reduce the ability to spread, reduce the number of people going out, and wear masks for everyone, so that they can be well controlled. With the spread of the new coronavirus, more and more countries need to build isolated hospitals to accommodate patients. The rapid prototyping of inflatable medical tents is just enough.
Tent-like Japanese house is designed to welcome neighbors,Relief tent,military tent,military operation,rescue tent,medical tent
Tent-like Japanese house is designed to welcome neighbors
The Hara House stretches along a street in Nagaoka, Japan, in the shape of a tent. Its steep, white, sloping roof rises into two pristine points and then travels all the way to the ground, turning the house into an exaggerated A-frame. Takeru Shoji Architects designed the house for a family who wanted a supplemental dwelling to its main family house that feels modern, yet engages with its village surroundings. The tent shape allowed the architects to create ample outdoor space under one peak, where a large deck opens to the street and beckons neighbors to stop by.
More city-sanctioned tent cities could be coming to Tacoma in wake of parks tent ban
Standing along Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd on a bright, brisk morning, Tacoma City Council member Keith Blocker — whose district includes Hilltop — cut to the chase. Blocks away, at People’s Park, rows of tents filled the planting strips. The situation — which recently moved from the park itself to the edge of the park — has had Blocker’s attention for most of the summer, he said, generating more than a few angry emails from constituents. “I keep getting calls about the parks. Violence, drugs, people are afraid to take their kids there,” Blocker explained. “I could show you email after e
Host of Bay County tent city fears shut down
As the one year anniversary of Hurricane Michael nears, a Bay County woman who has hosted a tent city since the days following the storm is worried for its future. Shelly Summers still has a dozen or so people living on her property. She says it’s a temporary option for people trying to get back on their feet following the storm. Summers says she’s helped dozens of folks in the last year, but is now having to turn people away, and is worried she might have to ask them to leave her property entirely. When she looks out at her backyard, she sees, as she puts it, "Family. I see safety, normal
Migrants say they face danger before court in Texas tents
Migrants say they face danger before court in Texas tents
Abel Oset was seized with panic. After an 11-country odyssey that began when he and his namesake son fled Cuba, and included a moment on U.S. soil, he was crossing back into America. But he wasn’t sure he’d be able to stay. The two were going to plead their case in a court set up inside a tent in Laredo, Texas, beamed via video conference to a judge in another city — the latest attempt to clear a massive backlog of asylum cases. They were among more than 100 migrants on Tuesday’s docket — though only 38 had arrived. So much depended on this hearing; Oset dreaded the very real possibility th
Tent courthouses for migrants to open along Texas border, as questions abound
Tent courthouses for migrants to open along Texas border, as questions abound
LAREDO, Texas — Workers climbed atop a massive new U.S. immigration tent court on the banks of the Rio Grande at dawn Monday, adding the last few nails to the white roof, as generators hummed. A line of people snaked across the nearby border bridge, streaming into the U.S. from Mexico to travel, work and go to school, passing by the fenced walkway to the new 36,000 square-foot tent court complex.
This Floating Tent Allows You To Camp on Water!
This Floating Tent Allows You To Camp on Water!
You remember that scene from The Parent Trap where Meredith is floating down the river on an air mattress? I’m not going to lie, it looked pretty peaceful. Now it wasn’t meant to be a peaceful experience, but I knew the girls were on to something. 20 years later and we finally have a camping tent that floats! Campers, if you’re looking for a new sleeping experience, this is it. This inflatable tent is made from high-quality material, so I’d like to think you wouldn’t wake to your tent deflating.
Sleep under the stars in a treehouse or tent at this Blue Ridge-area outdoor resort
Sleep under the stars in a treehouse or tent at this Blue Ridge-area outdoor resort
When you hear outdoor and resort in the same sentence, you almost think it’s some type of oxymoron. But that’s exactly how you will describe Emberglow Resort when it officially opens this fall near Lake Lure. With just a short drive from Charlotte, you’ll be able to camp in style. Longtime Charlotte resident Tim Murphy really enjoys being able to go camping with his kids. However, he was never really successful in finding nice campgrounds within a reasonable distance. So, he decided to take matters into his own hands. “The campgrounds that I would come across either had the trailer park
Officials from the Texas border city of Laredo recently went to Washington, D.C., to request four different federal agencies not build a tent facility for asylum seekers near Bridge 2 in town. Laredo representatives told the federal agents the proposed tent facility site next to the Rio Grande was in a flood plain, and they presented a cheaper, more viable option, according to the Laredo Morning Times.
People called the garden igloo tent “the hottest backyard accessory”
The internet has erupted in delight. People called the garden igloo tent “the hottest backyard accessory” Country Living raved: “Forget about the tiny guest house. There’s a new backyard must-have in town.” And real estate site Curbed said it was “perfect for glamping or growing.”
San Diego spending millions to build elaborate tent facility for homeless
San Diego spending millions to build elaborate tent facility for homeless
A recent report by the Department of Housing and Urban Development found the city of San Diego and the surrounding county had the fourth-highest population of homeless people in the country – a crisis prompting city officials to take big, yet costly, steps to get the situation under control. In one of the more dramatic moves by California communities grappling with a growing homeless population, the city has pursued the construction of massive taxpayer-funded tents, trailers and other facilities to house those otherwise living on the streets and in their cars.
Inflatable Tent
Inflatable Tent Market Segmentation, Current & Future Scope to 2026 With Top Companies
Inflatable Tent Market is a professional and detailed report focusing on primary and secondary drivers, market share, key segments and geographic analysis. In addition, innovative business and innovative policies, along with key players, key partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, are reviewed in this report.
Inflatable Tent Market
Inflatable Tent Market to Display a Positive Growth With Major Key Vendors
Global Inflatable Tent Market: The report provides a valuable source of insightful data for business strategists and competitive analysis of Inflatable Tent Market. The study covers important knowledge that makes the analysis document a handy resource for managers, analysts, business consultants and different key individuals get ready-to-access and self-analyzed study in conjunction with graphs and tables to assist perceive market trends, drivers and market challenges. It also highlights the restraints and opportunities expected to influence the market’s growth during the said period. The stu
Pentagon agrees to set up tent housing
Pentagon agrees to set up tent housing near the border for roughly 7,500 migrants
Acting defense secretary Patrick Shanahan has approved a request from the Department of Homeland Security to construct temporary tent housing facilities for 7,500 adult migrants to alleviate what the Pentagon described as an ongoing humanitarian and security crisis on the southern border.
U.S. military to build 6 tent cities near border for migrants
U.S. military to build 6 tent cities near border for migrants
The tents will likely not be on military bases, and ICE — not the military — will be responsible for migrant detention and custodial support. WASHINGTON — The U.S. military is going to provide and build tents to house 7,500 migrants at six locations near the border. A Department of Defense spokesperson confirmed that the Department of Homeland Security made the request, and a Defense official said acting Secretary Patrick Shanahan is expected to sign the request.
Two new inflatable tent cities
Two new tent cities open in Texas to handle influx of migrant families
Two new tent cities open in Texas to handle influx of migrant families. The facilities are a "Band-Aid" at a stretch of the border where agents are "overwhelmed" from dealing with 1,200 to 1,500 migrants a day, authorities said.DONNA, Texas — The dirt roads in the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge curve just beside the river as brush folds over the dry cracked dirt as far as the eye can see. It makes every road look exactly the same, which is partly why Fabiola Peña and her two sons had been walking in circles, for hours.
Tag: Inflatable Tent Market Growth
Inflatable Tent Market Trends, Growth and SWOT Analysis 2026
The recent past has witnessed the increasing consumer preference and purchase of inflatable tents more for personal use which ultimately is adventurous activities like mountain biking, fishing, skateboarding and backpacking. An inflatable tent is a tent that needs to be pumped up to the pitch without poles, unlike the conventional pole tents. Major advantages associated with the usage of an inflatable tent is its technology that makes the setting up of the tent much easier with minimal help. Also, the punctures in the inflatable tent can be easily repaired although the tent is robust and dura
Next tent camp planned to set up by Texas Street
Next tent camp planned to set up by Texas Street
BELLINGHAM, Wash. — With the permit for Winter Haven expiring in less than two weeks, another temporary tent encampment is opening in Bellingham. The City of Bellingham issued a permit to establish the encampment in the parking lot at the What-Comm Dispatch Center off Alabama Street, opening on April 3. Washington State nonprofit HomesNow! will be funding and operating the encampment for 90 days. They’ll provide tents and amenities for up to 32 people, screening residents through an application process and using a chain-link fence to enclose the area. The city is accepting appeals
Woman creates backyard tent community for hurricane victims-army tent
Woman creates backyard tent community for hurricane victims
After the tent city in a Panama City church parking lot was disbanded two months after Hurricane Michael, many thought that was the end of the tent population. But one Bay County woman took in many of those residents and is providing evidence that a desperate housing problem still exists in our area. Lori Hollaway lost everything to Hurricane Michael and before she knew it, she was homeless. "I tell her the situation that me and my husband are in and how we become homeless and everything and she said ok.
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