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Romanian customers visited WINSUN factory again!
On April 12, 2024, Dumitru and Marius from Romanian POP Industry, old friends of the Henan International Trade Network Association, loyal customers of Winsun, visited our factory again. Although the strategic cooperation between our two sides has been ongoing, the previous time of visit was 5 years ago.
During this visit, Mr. Dumitru fully recognized the achievements of Winsun in the past few years and communicated and exchanged with Mr. Zhang, Chairman of Winsun Group, Wilson Zhang, Factory Director,Zhiqiang Wang, expert on closed air products and Liu Jie, Design Director. Customers made constructive suggestions on product design details, process improvements, etc.

Winsun’s business philosophy: strive for excellence and continuous innovation. In the future, we will continue to accelerate technological upgrading and transformation to ensure that the products introduced to the international market remain innovative and strong competitiveness.