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The first container of 2024 was dispatched!
The first contanier shipment of 2024 was successfully dispatched yesterday from WINSUN Inflatables factory. Loaded with top-quality inflatable games and inflatable event tents, this container is set to reach our valued European dealers on schedule.
As a result of the current challenges brought about by the Red Sea crisis, we strategically chose rail transportation instead of sea shipping. This move not only ensured timely delivery but also helped us to avoid increased shipping costs. Since our factory is based in the central region of mainland China, rail transport is one of our preferred modes of transit to Europe, giving us a significant edge in the market.
We remain committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and efficient services, and this shipment is a clear testament to that commitment. We are confident that this container will reach our European dealers in pristine condition and serve as a valuable outreach tool for our brand.