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Martin Place is known as the "city heart" of Sydney, but because the rent is too expensive and homeless, the poor set up tents to occupy the financial center of Sydney. Therefore, the locals now give Martin Place a new name-Tent City.
Martin Place is a pedestrian street in the center of Sydney, Australia. Here are the headquarters of the Bank of Australia, the Parliament Building of South Wales, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Macquarie Bank, the Sydney Post Office Building and other major companies. As the commercial and financial center of Sydney, Martin Place is known as the "city heart" of Sydney.
  As the city's business card, Martin Square was supposed to be busy and crowded with tourists, but now, this tall CBD has been occupied by dozens of tents.
   Because the rent is too expensive, many homeless and poor people have come here to "set up camp". Therefore, the locals have now given Martin Place a new name-Tent City.
   Although the conditions are difficult, the basic facilities in the "tent city" are relatively complete. Under the leadership of some charitable organizations, local cafes, chefs and volunteers have extended a helping hand to these homeless people.
   There are also volunteers who have built a simple kitchen for them on the street. The food donated by well-wishers is placed here, and there are even chefs who cook for them for free.
   Even if the material life is not guaranteed, the spiritual life in the "tent city" is not lacking. Books and musical instruments bring some comfort to these poor people.