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This Floating Tent Allows You To Camp on Water!


You remember that scene from The Parent Trap where Meredith is floating down the river on an air mattress? I’m not going to lie, it looked pretty peaceful. Now it wasn’t meant to be a peaceful experience, but I knew the girls were on to something.

20 years later and we finally have a camping tent that floats! Campers, if you’re looking for a new sleeping experience, this is it. This inflatable tent is made from high-quality material, so I’d like to think you wouldn’t wake to your tent deflating.
DAMA floating camping tent
Hmm…I don’t know though, I feel like I would want someone to be on the lookout while I took a nap. My college town had some pretty rough rapids, so I wouldn’t want to use it there. I for sure wouldn’t use this in Florida. Imagine waking up to alligators trying to climb inside your inflatable tent, or even worse, a Florida man.

“Is this really for sleeping?” That’s up to you to decide. Amazon does say that this DAMA tent sleeps four. One customer review even said that he slept on the water in this tent. Christopher, you are brave.

The tent comes with an air pump, storage bag, and ropes. Personally, I would only use this inflatable tent on water that I was familiar with. For example, someone’s underground pool. Yeah, I don’t see myself using this at the lake no matter how heavy duty it is.

If this tent is desirable to me in any way, it’s because I always get really relaxed on the water. For some reason, I always want to take a nap while floating the river. I’m not much of a camper, but if I’m ever going on a camping trip, this is on the top of my list along with someone on duty to make sure I don’t drown, but let me know if I should just settle for a waterbed.