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How to set up an inflatable tent?

1. Unpacking:

First take the inflatable tent out of the packaging bag, spread it on the ground (make sure the ground is flat and free of sharp objects) and fully unfold it, then level the tent.

2. Inflate the tent:

(1) Open the tent valve cover to expose the valve.

(2) Open the valve cover of the valve, and use the air inlet of the air pump to align the valve port to inflate. When the tent can be fully supported, remove the electric pump and screw on the valve plug.

(3) When inflating, the air pressure should open the safety valve, and it is better to press the air column slightly softly.

3. Fix the inflatable tent:

Fix the tent with a rope and a ground nail, and the rope is aligned with the diagonal direction of the ground cloth or at an angle of 45° to the tent.

The erection of inflatable tents is very convenient and fast. A 5*5 size tent only needs 1-2 operations, and the erection can be completed in 3-5 minutes.

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