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Inflatable medical tents are used to quickly establish isolation hospitals in response to new coronavirus

 As of today's data, 86,145 cases of new coronavirus have been diagnosed in other countries except China.

Forty-eight countries have been affected in the most severe European region, with a cumulative diagnosis of 54,947 cases.And Italy has a particularly high mortality rate, with 1809 deaths.

The remaining countries with more than a thousand cases are Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Norway.

The Asian region is particularly severe in Iran, where 8624 cases have been diagnosed and mortality rates are rising.

In the United States of North America, large-scale reagent testing has also been initiated before patients can be admitted to control the outbreak.

For new corona viruses, the prevention and control method in China is to establish quarantine hospitals to receive confirmed patients, reduce the ability to spread, reduce the number of people going out, and wear masks for everyone, so that they can be well controlled.

With the spread of the new coronavirus, more and more countries need to build isolated hospitals to accommodate patients. The rapid prototyping of inflatable medical tents is just enough.


Isolation tents can be quickly formed in a short time, and are wind and rain proof. Can be a qualified isolation hospital.