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People called the garden igloo tent “the hottest backyard accessory”
The internet has erupted in delight. People called the garden igloo tent  “the hottest backyard accessory” Country Living raved: “Forget about the tiny guest house. There’s a new backyard must-have in town.” And real estate site Curbed said it was “perfect for glamping or growing.”

Smart shopping expert Trae Bodge of says all this praise for the garden igloo doesn’t surprise her: “We’ve already seen a rise in the popularity of other pre-fab structures, like sheds, “granny pods” and even houses, so it’s logical that other, similar structures would enter the marketplace,” she says. “The igloos function as a gazebo, children’s play area or enclosed garden, and I think they will be popular with home renters and owners who want an impermanent addition to their yard that offers some protection from the elements while offering an unobstructed view.”

And to her point, they do have some pluses: You can see through them at nearly every angle, and they aren’t permanent so you can move them if needed. And as Country Living points out: “It’s incredibly versatile and with a little maintenance (like clearing off accumulated snow), you can utilize it year round.”