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 What are the advantages of the inflatable tent?

Nowadays, inflatable tents have been widely used in military, medical, and all kinds of activity projects. Especially in this year's epidemic, inflatable tents have also played a great role. So what are the advantages of inflatable tents?


1. Free to build, express inflatable

In military activities and medical rescue activities, time is life! Inflatable tents do not need to be built and can be inflated and formed within ten minutes and put into use. Save time greatly;

2. Small size, easy to store

After use, the inflatable tent only needs to be deflated for storage. Small footprint;

3. One-piece molding to avoid loss of accessories

The inflatable tent is integrally formed, so there is no need to worry about the loss of accessories even if it is used after long-term storage;

4. Good waterproof performance, suitable for all kinds of weather.

The inflatable tent is made of PVC tarpaulin, which has a good waterproof function and can be used in various bad weather.

5. Durable

Due to the integrated air column structure and high-quality PVC material, the inflatable tent has a long service life and is durable.


Winsun Tent has more than ten years of production experience in the inflatable tent and a supplier of various government rescue activities.If you want to order an inflatable tent, please contact us.