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Winsun’s Professional Inflatable Solutions--inflatable tents.
Winsun’s Professional Inflatable Solutions--infltable tents.
Our product range caters for applications ranging from various inflatable amusement equipment manufacture to inflatable tents, and from children urban life to rural travelling. Our inflatable equipment that provides style, exciting, safety, yet keeps the human scale. The contribution that Winsun’s functional,practical, stylish and amusement solutions can make to the entertainment and recreation is widely recognized by societies.

We carry quality inflatables with stylistic variations for children’s after school entertainment and rural travelling.With sleek, modern, and bold designs available you'll be able to match the aesthetic you are going for.Our product quality and style are suitable for the development and requirement of international markets.
No matter if you require tailored product customization or mass product production, our company is fully equipped to offer unwavering support.